Product Review: Spyro Curls

I’ve worn my hair long for most of my life, and as a result I’m pretty hopeless at styling. I used to exhaust my skills by giving my hair a quick blow dry if I was running late and occasionally putting it in hot rollers. But now that I’m a platinum blonde, heat styling is a thing of the past. I can’t justify the additional damage when I’m already bleaching it white every eight weeks. I sometimes miss having curly hair, though, and I’d been thinking about getting some old fashioned foam rollers. But then I discovered these gloriously kitschy “As Seen on TV” curlers at my local Woolworths:


The Spyro Curls system includes 20 big curlers and 10 small curlers, all colour-coded to keep the direction of your curls consistent (light and dark pink for the right side of your head, yellow and blue for the left). The curlers are kind of like a slap bracelet for your hair. They straighten when you insert a hooked wand, which you then use to pull a section of hair through the centre of the curler. When you let go, the curler goes back to its original coil shape. According to the instructions, you can use them on wet hair or dry hair that you’ve sprayed down. I would advise against using them on dry-ish hair, however; rogue strands kept slipping out of the hook as I pulled it back through the curler, which got caught up and pulled my hair. I should also note that Spyro Curls won’t work for you if you have very long hair. Mine is several inches below my shoulders, and the curlers had to sit fairly low on my head to accommodate the ends. But despite the snags and the one damn curler that kept falling directly between my eyes, I have to admit the results were pretty great.


If you’re opposed to heat styling and have an afternoon to look ridiculous, Spyro Curls may just be for you. The system was $29 at Woolworths, and God knows how much off a late night infomercial.

Resi xxx

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